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I saw my lady weep

John Dowland (1563-1626)

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I saw my Lady weep, and sorrow proud to be advanced so: in those fair eyes, in those fair eyes where all perfections keep, her face was full of woe, full of woe , but such a woe, believe me, as wins more hearts, than mirth can do, with her enticing part.

Sorrow was there made fair. Sorrow was there made fair.And passion wise tears a delightful thing. Silence beyond, beyond all speech a wisdom rare, she made her sighs to sing, and all things with so sweet a sadness move, as made my heart at once both grieve and love.

O fairer than aught else,, the world can show, leave off in time to grieve, Enough your joyful looks excels, O strive not tobe excellent in woe Tears kills the heart believ, which only bredds your beauties over throw.